Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Child abuse: "Not my problem, not my fault."

Child abuse, says Blair at Mulholland Drive is "not my problem, not my fault." A very good piece.
If I hear the word WE again with regard to the Nia Glassie debacle, I am going to stick some people in a clothes dryer myself.

Take your royal WE and piss off. I have never abused a child. I have never hit a child. I have never stood by and allowed anyone to beat up on the innocent and defenceless. I did not cause you to act like a monster and beat a toddler to death. That would have been, oh, there's a word for it... YOU! To quote Johnny Rotten, there's a problem, but the problem is YOU.
So what you gonna do?


  1. John Key thinks it is our problem. That is exactly why he signed up to Sue Bramford's anti-smacking bill.

  2. Blair has it about right, IMO. Our blame is in electing Govts that pay the dole and benefits to those who neither take responsibility for their actions nor work in any way.

    I'd also add that these evil bastards don't feel deprived (till they are in court, of course), but are much more likely to be arrogant suckers who simply assume a right to treat those weaker as available for their own pleasure or to work off their passions.

    There are remedies for all this, but not by any Govt. that NZers are likely to elect.


  3. Deniers! You're all deniers, bed wetters and fire starters the lot of you.



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