Thursday, 19 July 2007

What will it take for RMA anger to result in REAL change?

NBR: Rural dissatisfaction with the RMA widespread.
Federated Farmers is calling for fundamental changes to the Resource Management Act based on the findings of an independent survey of 900 farmers.

The survey results, released at the federation's national conference, showed that only 3 percent of farmers who had had some experience of the RMA were happy with it.

More than 70 percent want changes to the Act and how local councils apply it.
Sheesh, more than fifteen years since the damned thing was introduced and millions of dollars squandered on and by the damned thing, and case after case of destruction of property rights and enterprise caused directly by the damned thing, and still all they're after is "CHANGES" to the bloody thing! Unbelievable.

"Changes"? Just what does it take to get productive people sufficiently incensed to call for a stake through the heart of the bloody thing [pdf] ?!

As the saying goes, when the productive have to ask permission from the unproductive in order to produce, then you may know that your culture is doomed. This is a "culture" made all-too stultifying law by the RMA. It's not time for "change", it's time for the RMA to be consigned to the flames and common law protection of property rights implemented in its stead.

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