Thursday, 19 July 2007

There's trouble at Vector

I confess that with all the vituperation, defamation and jail time for defamation flying around on the issue of Michael Stiassny and his time at the helm of the troubled Vector, I haven't really got to grips with what it's all about, and why exactly Vince Siemer deserves jail time for defamation by website.

Garth George seems to give the beginnings of some background in this morning's Herald on Stiassny's role in the increasingly dysfunctional Vector Energy, but if anyone can throw some light on this (succinctly) I'd be grateful. If you post any info in the comments section that looks reasonable I'll post it here as an update.


  1. I have no idea what the truth is.

    But when judges are jailing people for contempt of court when they express their views, what are the chances we will ever find out?

  2. PC go to the No Minister blog. This case has a posting "Blogger arrested - Defamation charge" on Fri 13 July.

  3. Stiassny is always getting into stoushes over one thing or another. He is not a 'team player' and his approach is not always friendly. And as an undertaker of companies he has never been the most popular guy in the room. He also doesn't like being baited.

    Re Vector - it is mainly an Alpha Male dust-up - Gibbs is also a very strong personality.

    If you are going to take someone rich and powerful on you need to be sure that you can afford to before you climb into the ring with them.

    There's a moral in here for bloggers who think they can say any damn thing they like. They should think again, lest they end up in the clink.


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