Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Seven Wonders of the Industrial World

Q: What do these seven things have in common:
A: The great human achievements they all represent are celebrated in a TV series starting tomorrow night on Prime. Amidst all the dross of drama that isn't and reality TV that's not, this is one jewel that's worth turning on your TV set: the BBC series "Seven Wonders of the Industrial World." Deborah Cadbury's book on which the series is based is a wonderful celebration of industrial genius, and I've heard nothing but good things about the 2003 TV series. I can't wait. If only I can remember to turn on the TV when it's on -- with so little else worth watching, the poor thing doesn't get much of a workout.


  1. Designed by Scotsmen?

  2. Wonder how many would get built today if planned for NZ?

    Brooklyn Bridge - nah, in our carbon conscious world we couldn't consider improving traffic management.

    SS Great Eastern - name is culturally insensitive and overly imperialistic. We don't want size and volume based exports, we want a niche based knowledge economy (though it could be a boost for coastal shipping).

    Transcontinental Railroad - good in theory but it would cross too many boundaries and we should be focussing on local sustainable transport solutions.

    Hoover Dam - Dam a river? you must be joking....

    Panama Canal - the impact on the mauri of the two bodies of water would offend the ancestors. We also really should be looking to reduce unneccessary trips not encourage them.

    London Sewers - The removal of water from the land is unsustainable. We need to be able to deal with natural events more sustainably. Composting toilets will deliver benefits for home gas generation and vegetables

    Bell Rock Lighthouse - Placing a large light at sea could interfere with the sea bed and an irreplaceable natural reef. The light may impact migration patterns of whales. Profligate use of electricity is a no no - will it take a CFL?

  3. How can you narrow it down to 7???????

    --and not include the London Underground, Paris' water supply and the Netherlands? (et al et al et al et al.....)????? Grrrrr

  4. The Iron mines of Western Australia.

    They are looking like home to me.

  5. Aye. The iron mines of WA were featured on the TV. At least half the steel in every Japanese car comes from WA.

    Now why don't those clever Aussies smelt it all on site? It isn't as though they don't have the space or the coal.

    Go west young man.


  6. Have this series on DVD - it is really really good.

  7. Let's see, what have they in common:

    Only made possible by vast amounts of govt backing or vast govt subsidies?

  8. aye tis a bloody good series though I've never met a likeable engineer

  9. Sean

    And your point is?



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