Thursday, 5 July 2007

Quotas for John Boy

Having quietly dropped plans to abolish race-based seats and race-based legislation, National leader John Boy Key has now announced plans for more race-based National MPs -- says the Herald, he
wants to take a more ethnically diverse range of MPs into the next election and is set to make the topic a priority when the party's list rankings are decided next year...
On the list of skills and talents you need for the National list, being born brown has just been moved ahead of being good at what you do.


  1. What a bloody joke this man is--why don't they just repackage themselves as "Labour B"
    Oh, hang on...they already did.

  2. Gotta love JK.

    Since joining the National Party I have been very impressed at how they phone up and ask what I think. A PR exercise in the main no doubt, but a good strategy as it gives members psychological visibility. Then he has his site and allows comments. Like the superb trader he is he listens to what everyone says he should do and then does the opposite. I love it.

    I don't think I have ever seen another politician who is so unafraid to pull the finger at the electorate and let the chips fall where they may. Surely you can see something of yourself in him - maybe this is why you hate him so much.

  3. So 'Ruth', you support racism aka affirmative action?


  4. Cleetus Burgjman5 Jul 2007, 15:33:00

    Yo Ruth!

    Reckon there be a difference between the Key bro' and Libertarianz. That difference be key(!). The Libertarianz, for the most part, follow priciple. Key bro' follow range of the moment convenience and what the other bros tell him to do. Yea maam, he do listen to the hands clapping. he like bing the popular doggie indeed. He scared the clappin' it maybe stops.

    Maam, he aint got no substance. He be another pollie and not more than that- never produced a dammn thing in his life, jus a consumer and gambler/dealer.

    Principles is the difference. If youse not understanding that, then youse sure is igorant.

    Yo Ruthie!


  5. LOL Cletus - meanwhile, back at the trailer

    I don't support affirmative action.

    A FX dealer is not a gambler. Dealers take the risk and create the entire currency market. Companies and countries could not hedge without them. An FX dealer is capitalism personified.

    Key is a self-made man. He's no second-hander who seeks the approval of the 'tyranny of the majority'. But then he's not the only Jewish businessman who has been hated for no good reason.

    I find it strange that otherwise intelligent people in Libz have issued a fatwa on him - it is not something Brash would have approved of. I'm having dinner with him in a couple of weeks and will ask his opinion.

  6. I find it strange that otherwise intelligent people in Libz have issued a fatwa on him - it is not something Brash would have approved of. I'm having dinner with him in a couple of weeks and will ask his opinion."

    Its the flip flopping about on principles that National is supposed to stand for and were indeed founded upon that annoys Libz/Libs about Mr Key....

  7. "But then he's not the only Jewish businessman who has been hated for no good reason."

    Long bow, anyone?

    But, ironically, since you draw it, Ruth, I'm concerned with neither (his) religion nor race - but if he's making noises about ethnic diversity, then it would appear that he is.

    Hate is a strong word. And in this instance, unjustified.

  8. Ruth, make sure that you play this song for John Key, during your hot date with him. There is no doubt that he will love it.

  9. Thank you James, I hope you are right.

    Sus - Libz support of the known anti-semite Ron Paul does not inspire me. Paul's view of the role of the Fed and theories about "banking elites" (read: Jews) secretly out to control the world -- the "Elders of Zion" is eerily familiar.

    Also he is endorsed by the US national KKK leader David Duke. From his website:

    Anyone who doesn't vote for Paul on this site is an assclown. Sure he doesn't come right out and say he is a WN [white nationalist], who cares! He promotes agendas and ideas that allow Nationalism to flourish. If we "get there" without having to raise hell, who cares; aslong as we finally get what we want. I don't understand why some people do not support this man, Hitler is dead, and we shall probably never see another man like him.

    Pat Buchanan's book "Where the Right Went Wrong" is a prime example of getting the point across without having the book banned for anti semitism. The chapters about the war in Iraq sound like a BarMitzvah, but he doesn't have to put the Star of David next to each name for us to know what he means. We are running out of options at this point, and I will take someone is 90% with us versus any of the other choices.

  10. "Its the flip flopping about on principles that National is supposed to stand for and were indeed founded upon that annoys Libz/Libs about Mr Key...."

    True indeed...This is of course, at the opposite end of the scale to the 'Libz' no compromise stainless steel philosophical purism, which renders it nothing more than an intellectual exercise in most peoples minds. The real world is filled with compromises (gasp) and in my view compromising all the time is just as useless as never compromising.

  11. and there is a world of difference between compromising but still moving in the right direction, compared to compromising but standing still (which effectively endorses your opponent's policy) or moving backwards.

    My main problem is him being a substantive flip flopper - the Nats nearly won last time by being more principled than they have been for many years. Key thinks the solution is to be all things to everyone and to sleepwalk to victory as people are tired of Clark and Co. He may be right, but it's not conclusive till election night.

  12. At least National is honest when it says race based - unlike Labour who don't reveal that they think that being gay helps being good at what you do.

  13. National need to grab that 2-4% of middle voters that voted Labour, despite a principled campaign in 05. Key is trying to do that, but it will be offset by people like us who will prob then vote ACT. If Act starts to get 3-4% in the polls, then voters from Labour, NZF, United may vote ACT as it seen as viable again. Small numbers admittedly, but my maths suggest a strong centre right coalition. Not perfect but better than the current train crash of a government

  14. Dealers make a deal and 'move on', people motivated by principle have an objective and move to the sound of the guns.

    If you want the Fabian approach where you say and do whatever in order to gain power [so you can do what you really wanted but never really said it] just look at the present situation. It sucks much.

    The conflict is age old. The contrast is between the orators and the sophists. One has principles and can argue them, the other the slippery ability to make a deal and continue business as normal

    The whole Labour/John Boy approach is a long and smiling lie.

    I would prefer an open socialist like John A Lee to a rightist coloured power seeker, and I would label myself right wing.

    My strong impression is the party tacticians have not garnered the basic undercurrent in NZ society. We are tired of drifting, we want leadership. What we are getting is tap dancing.

    General Freyberg once looked at a complex battle plan in the western desert and shook his head. He said " everyone is trying to be clever when its simple, all we have to do is round them up and smash them with artillery."

    Get back to basics Jacko, you see its not about you or the freaking Nats,--its about the country, the other 4 million. You're in OPPOSITION to a vicious and determined mob that don't give a rats arse about useful idiots and consensus deals. You and your clever tapdancing strategists are starting to make people puke.

  15. Ruth

    Yo thar!

    There be little productive about FX dealing. It's professional gambling writ large. The big time bettin'. More big than Vegas even. And you don' need to pay for your chips! Sure there be a service (jus like a bookie provides a service) but it aint a productive thing to be a doin' with yourselff. That be why I gave it away.

    What youse gota realise is this FX business is based upon a fraud of fiat money banking. Nothing good will come of a fraud of this scale, FX dealing included. Now, it be possible to gain a lot of cash out of it but you contribute no productive worth in so doing. The reward is for being an insider. Tough luck for the rest of youse, youse lose and insider takes. Self made indeed.

    As reported, he's been a doing nothing productive with hisself all along. You wouldn't even trust a trailer park to such a one as that to manage.

    So he's a jewish lad? Never knew that story. Is it relevant? Does it make a difference to the fella's lack of principle?

    Guess he jus lacks principle. Wonder whether he knows what principles are and how to stand up for them for a change.

    In the end he makes no difference. Jus anothr pollie. Tell him when you have dinner together that the key(!) is to get off his knees when he be sniffin' 'round Helen. Be a man for once and take a principled stand for sommat.

    Cheer up. It'll never happen.


  16. "An FX dealer is capitalism personified. " (cue violins)

    I thought Bridgecorp's Rod Petricevic was capitalism personified.

    Personally, I prefer a Carneigie, Getty, or Gates (even, gulp, Bertarelli) as my capitalism incarnate not a mere trader salaryman that plays with other people's money.

    That so much made of Key's financial background is more a comment about the teaching/union/rentacrowd/academic backgrounds of NZ politicians than his particular merits.

  17. Oh God... how boring. Ruth, how on earth did you make the leap from being Jewish to being disliked because he has no principles? Now that I think of it, your own name suggests that you are Jewish, but I doubt that more than 1% of people think Key is.... and only 0.1% of THEM would think it important.

    Ruth... release yourself from your racial victimhood. There's no fatwa. The man is disliked by thinking, politically minded right leaning people (gentiles and Jews alike) because he is an unprincipled opportunist fraud, not because of his race. Tell him that over dinner.


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