Thursday, 26 July 2007

PUBLIC NOTICE: Beer O'Clock heads to Helengrad

Regular readers may like to know that about the time the Beer O'Clock post normally hits the ether on Friday I'll be heading towards Wellington for this weekend's Libertarianz party conference, and to the bar that won this year's NZ Bar Awards: Wellington's Matterhorn. I'll be heading to "the Ho" just as soon as I can mosey in from the airport and drop my bags, say about six or so. Feel free to join me and my Libz colleagues in as many arguments as you may like to muster. One per drink would seem about right.


  1. It's just round the corner from me so I'll definitely stop by after work drinks wind up!

    I assume you'll be wearing a peaked cap and feather boa or similar so that you'll be easily recognisable...


  2. Excellent! I'll be the one holding a copy of Proust and looking objectionable. ;^)

  3. Wish I could be there PC, as you well know. In an environment when Labour continues to plunges depths of nanny statism, cheered on by the eco-fascim of the Greens, and the stone age racism of the Maori Party, while National simpers and pussy foots around smiling and backsliding with the courage of a flea, and ACT is where?

    Hope much liquor is imbibed and many bright ideas are discussed to hold the bastards to account.

  4. Pity I'm not in wellington untill monday night eh.

    Though you definately wouldn't approve of my reasons for being there!

  5. When did you end up arriving? I ended up hightailing shortly after six due to receiving a free ticket to Aurelia's Oratorio. Very pleasant indeed...



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