Thursday, 5 July 2007

The Prius: Unsafe at 100mph

This is what Al Gore's son looks like.It's a mug shot. He was arrested driving his "environmentally sound" Toyota Prius at the environmentally unsafe speed of 100mph, requiring several severely environmentally unsafe gas guzzling police patrol cars to haul him over and arrest him for bad driving, possession of several varieties of recreational pharmaceuticals and the crime of being as stupid as his father.

UPDATE: Tim Blair suggests carbon-rich Live Earth is dying on the vine, with either problems or no shows in Turkey, Johannesburg, Rio, Hamburg and New Jersey. And Big Al has just arrived in England for their Earth bash, burning carbon all the way and setting off summer hailstorms across England. The Gore Effect is still at work.


  1. Bastard, I was caught out at lunch with the hailstorm. It's damned cold, I'm planning to fly halfway round the world for Christmas to help things along. I wont go economy class because the seats and meals don't weigh enough to burn enough fuel to help things along.

  2. Good ad for the performance of a Prius, unless, of course, the police cars were electric buggies.

  3. as stupid as his father...

    The Herald article you link to notes that "the younger Gore has had repeated run-ins with the law, both where cars and where drug abuse are concerned."

    So I think a more charitable interpretation of events is that he'd been taking advice from P J O'Rourke on How to Drive Fast on Drugs...

  4. It's pretty low to take cheap shots at the misdemeanours of people's children.

    You, PC, probably won't ever have to suffer being embarrassed by the actions of your own kids, like millions of parents. Who cares what Gore's son did? Where's the Millie Elder story?

  5. "It's pretty low to take cheap shots at the misdemeanours of people's children."

    He was arrested on felony charges, not misdemeanors:

    And his actions define him as stupid. It's hard to see where the low blow in PC's piece is.


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