Monday, 9 July 2007


I was hunkered down at Hikutaia for the weekend, so mercifully missed the weekend feel-good Gore-fest.

Thank goodness. Only Al Gore could organise an event highlighting CO2 "pollution" that produced 74,500 tons of carbon (featuring so many musicians you'd rather not hear) and still be taken seriously by the world's hand wringers.


  1. Ysuf Islam, Cat Stevens, singing 'Ruins', thinly veiled anti-semitism, was really worth tuning in for! Spot the imbroglio on youtube.

  2. Watching Country Calendar, as you do, I saw a bunch of Waiheke island enviro-yuppies burbling about carbon neutrality. Gag.

    Here's a thought: what about a carbon neutral LIFE? Extend the time scale to punish all those new-greenies who formerly belted around in Hummers, left thier CRT trading screens on overnight, blasting out carbon by taking that historical waste into their 'neutrality' calculation.
    That is to say, for them to be TRULY neutral over their lifetime they need to be carbon-negative to atone for all thier yuppie stage wasteage.

    How can you add more carbon than you take out? Top yourself? Isn't that the enviro-fascist end-game??

  3. It is really saddening when something you so LOVE is exposed as a fraud. I haved so loved rock and roll all of my life, but things like THIS just start to take the gloss off it for me
    Much like finding out that Garry Glitter was a paedophile!

  4. Earth is host to a carbon based life form: without carbon – no life as we know it.
    The alarmists started out by warning of the use of fossil fuels because the Carbon dioxide was extra to the current cycle. But once Kyoto required reduction of emissions the distinction between current cycle and fossil cycle was lost.
    The next Orwellian move has been to make Carbon itself the "poison"/ Notice how we now talk about carbon footprints and reducing carbon etc.
    This has actually become a verbal assault on life itself.

  5. Self promotion under the guise of environmentalism...

    Live Earth - apparently 74,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions. All of it offset into Al Gores hedge fund, which invests in "possible future sustainable technologies".

    Hmm... suspicious much?

  6. Owen McShane said:

    "This has actually become a verbal assault on life itself."

    Very well said. This illustrates their anti-life morality.

    Julian D

  7. My girlfriend bought a car on Saturday, picked it up and drove past Wembley on the way home. It seemed the right thing to do.

  8. So, according to you lot, environmentalists are fascists who oppose life and ultimately want everybody to commit suicide.

    I know some of the fruitcakes on the far left are loopy, but you guys take the cake.

  9. Al Gore said...

    So, according to you lot, environmentalists are fascists who oppose life and ultimately want everybody to commit suicide.

    My husband has been promoting pseudo-science for a long time since the day we got married. It is better for everybody to ignore his looney left.

  10. Richard McGrath9 Jul 2007, 18:03:00

    To the person who used the pseudonym Al Gore - yes, many environmentalists are actually anti-life. Check out the VHEMT nutters, the Unabomber, the utterances of Prince Charles and Prince Philip, and quotes - which PC has previously highlighted on his blog - where a prominent environmentalist dreams about the right virus coming along to wipe out the human species.
    And yes, many environmentalists are fascists, they want to control private property without owning it, a la the resource management abomination.
    Who's the fruitcake now?

  11. So how should we stop people fucking with the environment then?

  12. Earth abides. It always has and it always will. It doesn't need
    "environmentalists." It doesn't need anyone -- certainly not Al Gore or Peter Cresswell to 'save' it from various disasters.

    I agree that this is a denialist blog, and it does your cause no favours. Being sceptical is good. However, when your initial questions have been answered and you refuse to accept the answers or just raise a completely new set of questions then you move towards being a Denialist.

    The market will sort this out. When environmentalism starts costing people notable money it will end real fast.You don't have to keep on heaping cherry-picks and fake experts into the argument.
    Libertarians of all people should have faith in the free or semi-free market to deal with this issue.

  13. Anonymous said "Libertarians of all people should have faith in the free or semi-free market to deal with this issue."

    I wonder whether the people being tortured and murdered in brutal political regimes today share your desire to let things just be.....for the free market will deal with the issue.

    It is moral and absolutely necessary to stand up and denounce those who advocate ideas which are anti-life. In this case, global warming proponents are suggesting policies which take away my freedoms and THAT is anti-life.

    The existence of a free market cannot be taken for granted. It occurs within a philosophical context and this is where the real battle lies. And this is where PC's blog plays an important role which is highlighting the philosophical principles of today's culture. Standing by doing nothing - as you advocate - while statists take away our freedoms at the point of a gun would be immoral.

    Julian Darby

  14. People living under repressive undemocratic regimes has nothing to do with global warming. Saying such things shows you yourself are part of an emotively charged, rationality-devoid herd, just like the 'warmists'.

    Of course the market will deal with this. Any capitalist worth his/her salt will be buying into companies that will profit from global warming -like green energy, green waste, green buildings, and then selling out at a profit, not hiding under the bed reading Revelations and worrying about their freedoms being taken away by environmentalists.


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