Wednesday, 18 July 2007


The problems of adolescence litter the headlines. Many of these issues stem from early childhood. What can you do now to help your children become self-motivated, independent, and inspired with a lifelong love of learning?

These are questions asked and answered by educators who follow in the inspirational footsteps of Dr Maria Montessori, and a leading Montessori educator will be in Auckland this week speaking on 'The Path to Independence' on behalf of the Maria Montessori Education Foundation (NZ).

The Maria Montessori Education Foundation sprang from Sydney’s International
Montessori Congress
two years ago when 1200 Montessorians gathered under the Congress's theme: to 'Champion the Cause of All Children,' igniting a spark for a group of local Montessorians, resulting in their formation of the Maria Montessori Education Foundation (MMEF), a charitable trust, to establish quality AMI Montessori training in New

Their first AMI teacher-training course begins in February and the trainer for that course is Cheryl Ferreira, a leading Montessori trainer from London's Maria Montessori Institute, who will be speaking in Auckland Wednesday night and Warkworth Monday night on ‘The Path to Independence.’

You're all invited.

Says MMEF trustee Carol Potts, ”This public address is for all those who genuinely believe in the enormous potential of the young child. The Montessori philosophy of education - now celebrating its centenary year - offers much more than a philosophy of education: It is an essential aid to life. Come along and be inspired!”

  • The Raye Freedman Arts Centre, Silver Street, Epsom, 7pm, Wednesday 18th July. Only $20 with a complimentary glass of wine, tea or coffee. Call 623 8111 to book.
  • Warkworth Primary School Hall, Hill Street, Warkworth, 7:30pm, Monday 23rd July.
FOR MORE INFORMATION about the internationally recognised AMI 3-6 Diploma course in New Zealand visit www.MMEF.Co.NZ, and
FOR MORE INFORMATION about Cheryl's visit, or to book an interview, please email, or ring Carol Potts on 021 111 4133.

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