Wednesday, 25 July 2007

More paperwork for less paperwork

As always, I'll support anything that promotes or advances freedom as long as there is no new coercion. Rodney Hide's Regulatory Responsibility Bill does just that, and as he explains on his blog you can do your bit to help it pass so that the mitts of the grey ones are just a little bit further from your business:
The Regulatory Responsibility Bill is the most important Bill to come before Parliament since the Fiscal Responsibility Act. It serves to make lawmaking more transparent. Governments have to spell out the impact their proposed laws will have on kiwi’s property rights, freedom to contract, and ability to choose. It forces regular reviews on all existing laws and regulations. Here’s your chance to tell Parliament the impact red tape is having on you and the country. Make a submission to the Commerce Committee—but be quick; submissions close 10 August.

Our webpage details how.

Now’s your chance. We need this Bill passed into law.
If you do have the time in amongst all the paperwork you're required to do by law, then this might be one means whereby you can do something to reduce the legal requirement for all that paperwork. if it passes, we'll all have more time to spend on our businesses .

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