Friday, 13 July 2007

Democrats vote for cut and run

A Democrat-dominated Congress has voted to cut and run from Iraq, passing "legislation requiring the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops to begin within 120 days, and to be completed by April 1, 2008." Just what the killers ordered: a timetable for the serious butchery to commence, just as it did when the US pulled out of Saigon.

As always there are lessons both to avoid and to emulate from history, and a lesson too from this capitulation:
  • Subduing and modifying Japan and putting it on a path to peace and prosperity after WWII: Six years and the destruction of Shintoism as an ethical code.
  • Reconstructing Germany and setting it on a path to peace and prosperity after WWII: Seven years, and the destruction of Nazism as an ideology.
  • Reconstructing Iraq (including hunting down and killing the killers and those who supply them) and setting Iraq on a path to peace and prosperity: Too difficult.
Setting both Germany and Japan on the path to peace and prosperity -- making havens of peace and prosperity at the heart of Europe and at the door to Asia, and putting down the twin bacilli of Shinto nationalism and German national socialism -- this was selfishly important to anyone who valued a peaceful world ravaged by decades of strife and war, and was done by people who knew what they were doing. Just as selfishly important now would be a haven of secular peace in the ravaged Middle East.

Now I grant you that the knowledge of how to set up a country from the rubble has clearly been lost (just another symptom of the modern-day philosophical collapse), and German and Japanese reconstruction did not have sworn enemies in the country next door supplying arms, money and training to brainwashed killers (that this continues so brazenly is another symptom of the timidity brought to the war against Islamic totalitarianism), but surely there should be recognition that setting up a post-war country ravaged by tribal and religious conflict takes years, not months, and that making a haven in the Middle East for peace and prosperity is of selfish importance to everyone in the west.

But apparently giving your enemies a timetable so they know when to really lay into the killing is more important to Democrats.


  1. What a bloody disaster. Once again the modern left show that they stand for no principles and aren't interested in peace unless it's the "peace" of craven capitulation.
    They're as much the enemy in the fight to preserve civilisation as any thug with a bomb and an AK.

  2. Ruth would be very happy about the Democrats vote. I hope that Ruth will be keen to go to Bagdad to help out the civilians over there with her $500,000, when the US finally pull out their last military personnel.

  3. Anything that makes that nutter happy should be automatically suspect imho.

  4. You can’t compare Iraq with post war Japan and Germany. The latter two were not split by internecine war and were totally exhausted after a long and intense war so did not have the capacity to fight on


  5. "You can’t compare Iraq with post war Japan and Germany."

    Perhaps you'd prefer the example of Yugoslavia once Tito died and the scab was ripped off a century or more of tribal hatred?

    Or Thatcher's prescription for it: end the arms embargoes and seal the borders.

  6. What I'd like to know is how many million Americans will die when the next major jihadi assault happens.....

    in America?

    And then what will the Dummycrats do?

  7. The scurrilous Democrats would put the seal on Israel's fate by this move.

    Were I an Iraqi/Iranian Jihadi I would now back off and just keep the conflict simmering. Phase two would come when the coalition does start to hand great areas over, infiltration of the administrative. Phase three happens when they are embarking on the the aircraft and full scale mayhem starts. This will in all liklihood be overshadowed by a Syrian/Iranian/Hezbollah crack at Israel. The Jews are probably now setting their watches for a war to take down Syria before phase three happens. Their existance depends on it.

    The Dems can now concentrate on global warming and equal rights for gays, lesbians bi's and trannies. Helen can focus on fisheries patrols and bullying Fiji, [if the Commodore hasn't actually head-butted her at the Pacific Forum already.]

  8. pommiekiw,

    Millions? What planet are you living on? Even with their best effort, the jihadists succeeded in killing "only" 3000 people. The notion that they are capable of killing millions of people at one go is as much a piece of uninformed scaremongering as the current hysteria over "climate change".


    There may well be a civil war in Iraq. But why is that Americas problem and why do you automatically assume that the jihadists will win?

  9. george,

    Why does absolutely EVERYTHING in the Middle East just have to revolve around Israel?

  10. Can't they just slice the country along natural ethnic/cultural/historical divisions as has recently happened to Yugoslavia??
    Otherwise, they will and they are taking the long fratricidal road to stability taken by the Yugoslavians.


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