Friday, 6 July 2007

Civil disobedience in defence of free speech

Perhaps the most effective way to beat the Nannying bastards back is civil disobedience, a recalcitrant refusal to do Nanny's bidding. This morning there's welcome signs of civil disobedience from an unlikely quarter.
SCOOP - Broadcasters join forces to defend TV reporting: New Zealand's major television news organisations - Television New Zealand, TV3,
Maori Television and Sky News NZ – today issued a joint public pledge to defy
parts of Parliament's new rules on TV coverage of Members of Parliament in the
debating chamber.
TVNZ, TV3 Maori Television and Sky News said the new
"sessional orders" would lead to a serious erosion of democracy in New Zealand.
As a consequence the news organisations said they would continue to provide TV
coverage of MP's in the chamber and ignore the anti-democratic parts of
Parliament's rules.
Bravo! As someone once said, the extent of Nanny's power can be measured by the extent to which people resist her decrees. This is a very welcoming sign.


  1. A shame that an employee of TVNZ didn't recognise the name of one of our greatest commentating icons. Not as indicative of total systemic failure as the hyperventilating Perigo might have us believe, though...

    I have to say I got a good cheap laugh out of the fact that his diatribe is hosted on a site called 'SoloPassion'! Onanism would be a cure for apoplexy brought on by TV-watching though, if the old saw about it's side effects were to hold true...


  2. How terribly embarrassing. The above comment was meant for the Keith Quinn post. Apologies!



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