Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Celibacy begins at Rome ... or not.

Sings Lou Reed on his New York album: "You can't depend on any churches, unless there's real estate that you want to buy..." Lou was wrong. There's one other thing it seems you can depend on the churches for. Read: Los Angeles Roman Catholic Diocese Settles Huge Sex Abuse Case.

Don't expect to see much about this news on conservative blogs.

Meanwhile, here's Robert Ingersoll:
There was a time in Europe when the Catholic Church had power, and I want it distinctly understood with this jury, that while I am opposed to Catholicism I am not opposed to Catholics -- while I am opposed to Presbyterianism I am not opposed to Presbyterians. I do not fight people -- I fight ideas, I fight principles, and I never go into personalities. As I said, I do not hate Presbyterians, but Presbyterianism -- that is, I am opposed to their doctrine. I do not hate a man that has the rheumatism -- I hate the rheumatism when it has a man. So I attack certain principles because I think they are wrong, but I always want it understood that I have nothing against persons -- nothing against victims.

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Blogger Lucyna said...

While it is reprehensible that any priest ever sexually abused children, ultimately priests are human beings and human beings fail all the time.

Child sexual abuse is not just limited to priests. Teachers are far more likely to be sex abusers by potentially a factor of 100 times. There's a heck of a lot of real estate in schools, so when that one blows, it'll blow big.

What's behind today's epidemic of teacher-student sex?

17 Jul 2007, 21:19:00  
Anonymous Tim Wikiriwhi said...

Wolves love sheeps clothing.
It is stupid to think that evil bastards will openly and honestly profess their perversion.
They trick, They fake, they deceive their victims by pretending to be beyond question.
Where better to hide than as a Man of God?
Christ warned you..."Many shall come in my name and deceive many"

17 Jul 2007, 22:42:00  
Blogger Michael said...

While the Preists were ultimately responsible, if they were found out the Church only counselled them, remove them from caring for children and placed the on probation for a couple of years - then let them loose again.

The payout seems light, and the anger at the behaviour of the Bishops not being put to public scrutiny.

I know one person who was abused as teen by a preist. (Well, he molested quite a few.) He is in prison now for murdering his partners baby.

18 Jul 2007, 18:12:00  

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