Friday, 20 July 2007

Best pub

Last night I visited New Zealand's best pub for a drink. That's not just my opinion - it's the decision of the judges in the NZ Bar Awards, who awarded Galbraith's in Mt Eden Rd the award of "country's best pub." I felt obliged to pour a libation or three in their honour.

"Best Bar Team" was declared to be Clooney's, in Auckland, another opinion I'd wholeheartedly endorse: those bartenders make the best genuine cocktails I've had the pleasure to sample. Given the judges' clearly superior opinions then, I'm looking forward to visiting the "Best Bar," the Matterhorn in Cuba St, Wellington, when I'm down there for the Libertarianz conference - if that is we can tear ourselves away from the Mac's Brewhouse where the conference is being held.

Read the complete list of Bar Awards winners here.


  1. Galbraith's is good - perfect place for a beer on a rainy Sunday afternoon. I meant to write about it a couple of weeks ago... Last time I was going to try the Bitter & Twisted, but chickened out, and had the Bohemian Pilsner instead. Noice.

  2. Harden up, Mrs. Smith. :)

    The B&T is awesome, but my pick would be the Bellringers Best Bitter. Easily the best Best in NZ.

    I'm going there for a pint or four myself this evening.

  3. Who would have thought- best pub in Auckland and best nightclub in Christchurch :p


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