Thursday, 14 June 2007

NZer's most loved movies

Results just in on Flicks website's competition to find NZers' Top Ten Favourite Movie Ever. Of the top ten "NZers' favourite movies ever" I've seen three, really liked two, and another two failed to pass my stringent ten-minute test. The winner was a deserving winner. My own highest-ranking favourite made 46 on the list.

Of the top ten most hated, I've seen two and liked about thirty minutes of each. And isn't "Pearl Harbour" mispelled?

Head here to see all 130 on both lists.


  1. Napoleon Dynamite was the 19th most hated movie in new Zealand? Hey, I really liked it. It taught me all sorts of great moves and skills.

    Brian Smaller

  2. I've seen about 80 of the top 100 most loved, and I've seen 11 of the 30 most hated. (I can't believe I actually managed to sit through Borat *blech* and Napoleon Dynamite . They're in the same league of shite.)

    Movies missing from the top 100, IMO:

    A Very Long Engagement
    Sex and Lucia
    Million Dollar Baby
    Batman Begins
    V for Vendetta
    Team America
    The Incredibles
    My Fair Lady
    Mean Girls
    Billy Elliot
    The Fugitive
    Art School Confidential

    Some questionable ones in there, no doubt. :)

  3. I have seen 96.


    What can we make of that?


  4. Annoying how Borat is 13th most loved and 2nd most hated.


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