Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Nanny State: "Who is she, this hybrid of gargoyle and dominatrix?"

Nanny is everywhere, increasingly so. Lindsay Perigo lays into Nanny:

I can't be sure, but it may well have been me who introduced the term "Nanny State" into the New Zealand vernacular, on my Politically Incorrect Show on Radio Pacific. Certainly I used it regularly there, and observed it creep into common usage thereafter, as did the related term, "Helengrad." In any event, the expression is well and truly out there now, and that's as good a thing as its referent is bad. Nanny State is vicious, anti-human … and, as we speak, relentlessly advancing.

Who is she, this hybrid of gargoyle and dominatrix? She is the strident, scolding, snooping socialist, the control-freak who seeks to regulate every aspect of our existence. She forbids our kids to eat pies and chips at school; she tells us how not to discipline them; she forbids us to read magazines like Cigar Aficionado, and closes down cigar bars; she jails us for smoking marijuana; she confiscates our money at every turn and refuses to give any of it back even when she's awash in it...
Read on: Lindsay Perigo - Nanny State.


  1. It's a great article. I think nanny state will expire soon, most people are sick of being told what to do, what to eat and what to live on.

  2. I'd like to think so, writeups, but Nanny also 'pays' a lot of people and therein lies the rub.

  3. writeups, optimism is a great mood lifter, but severe adverse reactions can result from overdose.

    I think Nanny will expire when she suddenly runs out of money - I call this my "peak tax" theory (like "peak oil" but with tax instead of oil).

  4. well i think there's no point in being pessimistic about liberty in New Zealand! hmmm - maybe restricting voting to taxpayers and those who don't receive benefits would eliminate the 'pays' bit - but that wouldn't be sporting would it? a good uproar about democracy for all would ensue. well richard, nanny is slowly losing lots of kiwis overseas so the tax base is eroding, as well as more taxation on savings and investments, discouraging successful kiwis to stay here, so peak tax theory might work because its high earners who prop up the welfare state because they pay such a large chunk of taxes. what sort of adverse reactions were you thinking of?


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