Thursday, 10 May 2007

"The Maori Party is angry that..."

"The Maori Party is angry that..." Now, any report that starts that way is generally going to have me plumping for whomever the Racist Party is angry about, and today's news report is no exception: Racist Party MP Hone Harawira says he is "appalled" that Transit allowed the European Union flag to fly on Auckland's Harbour bridge" when they had earlier flatly refused to fly the Maori Separatist flag.

"It's an insult to Maori," says Hone, "and an insult to the intelligence of all New Zealanders." Hone, here's something that really is insulting to the intelligence of New Zealanders: a race-based party elected on a race-based agenda in race-based seats who who claim that they're against racism.

And on the issue of the day that's got Hone appalled? For once, I agree with a government department. Keep the racist flag away from the Bridge. The EU may be the living embodiment of bloated bureaucracy ... but it ain't racist.

Suck that up, Hone.


  1. Or sell the bloody bridge and let them fly whatever they want on it.

    I vote for a skull and crossbones..

  2. I vote for the rising sun flag. Since they built the clip-ons.

  3. April 15th has passed and the North Korean consulate in Canberra (for Australia and NZ) hasn't asked for its flag to be flown on it.

    That's when I'll have an issue with it, as would the thousands of Koreans in Auckland (Korean was the one of the most well known languages in North Shore City in a recent compulsory government survey (census)).

  4. I'm with Hone on this one. The EU ain't a country, it's an evil empire that's stultifying Europe. It's racist, cf Israel and the Palestinians, it's anti-American, cowardly and subservient to immigrant Muslims, still dependent on the Yanks for defence, oligarchic and generally poor world citizens.


  5. I'm with Hone on this one too.

    I'd rather have the Maori flag flying than the Union Jack any day.

    Talk about being under another country's little finger...

    - Marie

  6. Dude it is inept that you think the Maori Flag is racist. Maori have inhabited these shores for a number of centuries. That you take umbrage to something that for many Maori encapsulates their aspirations within the context of New Zealand is weak. I myself have seen the Aboriginal flag flown from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. However Australia is a little older and a little more evolved then New Zealand so they don't get up in arms. That is the nature of the beast called maturity and some NZers are just to immature and small minded to think that people that have lived here for centuries may see their world within the context of NZ a little differently.


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