Thursday, 31 May 2007

"Christianity was a Roman thing, not a Jewish thing."

"Christianity was a Roman thing, not a Jewish thing."

"You wouldn't take the Gospels as gospel."

"There's nothing original in Christianity."

Just some of the provocative views of James Valliant, author of the forthcoming book Behind the Cross that examines the origins and early history of Christianity -- and that history is anything but what you've been told.

Last Easter, author Valliant engaged with Lindsay Perigo in a wide-ranging on-air conversation that has just come online today. Rest assured there are both lessons for and parallels to today.

Settle back and listen in here for a whole two-hours of conversation and questions. And head here to engage in discussion with Valliant. He can't wait to talk to you. :-)

UPDATE: By the way, if anybody is suitably inspired and would like to transcribe all or part of this interview so I can use it in The Free Radical, I'd love to hear from you. Email me at 'organon at ihug dot co dot nz.' Cheers.


  1. Heh....PC put on his oilskin,checked he has a full box of Kleenex handy and took a deep breath....then he pulled the pin on this post and yelled "Hey Tim!!!...."


  2. Well of course it wasn't a "Jewish thing" was it! If it was it would be called Judaism!
    Although some Christians like to deny it, failure to understand Judaism leads to a failure to understandBut themselves. Ironically for some, Catholicism for example draws heavily on Judaism.

    Oh, does "Behind the Cross" mention Mithras?? Or maybe the fable of Constatine divinising Christ!
    What other amazing 'secrets' are revealed?? Ha!
    Spare me the Reader's Digest version!

    How about reading specialist texts rather than relying on book-touting popularisers?

    I find it droll that objectivists are experts on everything including comparative theology! Ho ho ;-)

  3. Maybe if you had actually listened to it as I did Greg you wouldn't be looking so petulant and ignorant right about now....

  4. What an absolutely excellent broadcast. I'm half way through listening to it for a second time.

    Thanks for the link PC. Send more links if you have any.

  5. Christianity most definitely is a 'Roman' thing and not a Jewish thing, nor are the Gospels "The Gospel!". The Gospel for today is found in Paul’s epistles.
    This is the fundamental truth that distinguishes St Paul’s Individualist gentile ministry and gospel of grace from Christ Jewish nationalist gospel of "The Kingdom".
    There are many gospels in the bible including false gospels.
    That this right division of scripture is not understood is the very problem which leads to religious persecution!
    Thus while I have not listened to Valliant. From what P.C has written I say AMEN! If objectivists full understood this truth they would stop using the OT to discredit Christianity. But they wont!

  6. Tim said...
    There are many gospels in the bible including false gospels

    Which ones?

  7. Falafulufisi,
    In respect of PC I will limit this post to one bigish paragraph.
    If you and any other NOTPC surfer is interested in a more detailed answer to you question send me your email address to I will be happy to give you a more detailed answer. For now it must suffice to give you a mere sample of the different gospels. Some of which are true when applied to their rightful age whether past or future but false if used today , one being the only true gospel for today yet does not apply to past or future dispensations, and others are completely false.
    Please refer to a King James authorized version.

    The gospel of the Kingdom to the Jews preached by John the Baptist and Christ and his disciples . (God offers his Kingship meekly and by voluntary submission)
    (Mark 1vs 14,15) (Mat4 vs 23) (Mat 9 vs 35) (Luke 9vs1-6) (Rom 15vs 8)
    The legalistic gospel of the circumcision preached to the Jews by St Peter in the early book of acts after Christ’s ascension requiring Baptism for salvation and included signs and wonders and which ended at the time of the stoning of Stephen
    (Mark 16 vs15-18) (Acts1-Acts 7)
    The current gospel of the grace of God to the Gentiles preached by St Paul. After the Jews rejected their Gospel offered to them by St Peter at the stoning of Stephen.
    (Acts9vs 1-16, …) (1 Tim 1vs 11-16) (Gal 2vs 7-8) (Eph 3vs1- ) (Rom 11 vs 13, 16vs 25,26)
    The false gospel of false preachers and or angels.
    (Gal1vs6-12) (2Cor4vs3-4) (2Cor11vs13-15) (2Thes2vs1-12)
    The reestablished gospel of the kingdom after end the church age during the time of anti Christ. (Mat 24 vs14)
    The everlasting gospel preached by righteous angels at the time of the second advent of Christ. (Rev 14vs6)
    Then Gods Kingdom will be established on earth by force ending mans wicked tyranny.

  8. Hey Tim!!! Incoming!!!!!! LOL


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