Sunday, 15 April 2007

Beta to Zeta

Blogger has just peremptorily changed this blog to the Beta version, and a few things have disappeared, including the 'Recent Comments' field that used to be conveniently down the right of the page. I have no idea if I can retrieve it or not. Stay tuned.

: I've retrieved all the comments going back to Friday, and manually pasted them in. Let me know if I've missed any from before that you found particularly useful, or wanted to reply to.


  1. You've lost a few comments as well.

  2. Oh fuck. Looks like all the comments are gone.


  3. I wrote a really good one too! Never mind.

  4. Oops the comments are back. I regret lying about writing a really good one now.

  5. I noticed that there is some duplication of the restored comments.


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