Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Super 14: Too much, too early, too boring.

No, I've hardly watched the Super 14 either this year, along with many erstwhile semi-regular Super 12 viewers [See NZ HERALD: Television Viewers Give Super 14 the Boot] . Too much of it, it starts way too early, and this year it's just far too bloody boring.


  1. Yep, it started way too early. The first round of the Super 14 was over the first wknd in Feb. Here in NZ, the school year didn't start until the following Tuesday.

    The footy season opening in the summer holidays! Madness.

  2. Got to agree. Cricket is still important to me at that time.

    I havn't seen it reported, but another significant issue for me is that with two more teams in the competition, there's two more away venues and games played outside our time zone, so we actually see less games at home, eg, next week we see just two games at home and the following week, just one!

    You can't build a following on such fare.


  3. It's good to be a Blues supporter over here in Australia, even if the loss to the Sharks saw the Crusaders overtake us on points differential at the top of the ladder. I love telling the Aussies it's a good thing the Reds are off to SA next where they might be able to buy a win through a guy called Hansie...

    JC, there are still the same number of NZ teams playing two more foreign teams. Unless all the NZ teams play those teams outside NZ then there must be more NZ games across the tournament, ceteris paribus. Just the other week there were 3 NZ games (one with two NZ teams) and the other NZ team had a bye.

  4. Ah, bit tricky buying a win through Hansie, AB - even in the corrupt republic where anything goes - in that he's no longer with us!

    Gee, it's been a while since anyone's been able to say that it's 'good to be a Blues supporter'! sssss

    (Coming begrudgingly from a supporter of the three hardest teams in the world to follow: Hurricanes, Warriors & Black Caps!!)


  5. At least it isn't the spectacle that was last year's Super 14 final. Or was that Super Fog final? I didn't see much rugby during that game.

  6. As a Crusaders supporter I love this season, plenty to watch on Sky and with the SA upsurge this year is of greater interest than in the past.

    PC if you don't like the rugby you can always watch the Pommy soccer highlights including the nil all draws!

  7. "PC if you don't like the rugby you can always watch the Pommy soccer highlights including the nil all draws!"

    Uuurgh! You call those highlights!

    No, I'd far rather watch the highlights from Geelong's big win over Melbourne at the MCG last weekend. ;^)

  8. Amen to that one.
    Not just weeks of average rugby but hours of attendant sports radio trying to talk it up and conjure interest. Tedious!

    Who's for yatching in Dubai? Where'd that story go?


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