Monday, 2 April 2007

Repeal the anti-smacking Bill. Yes? No? Or a wriggle?

Just to reinforce the craven inability of the new National Socialists to take a stand, John Boy Key has made his party's position on Sue Bradford's anti-smacking Bill as clear as, well, something that's not very clear at all. Asked whether National "would campaign at the next election to overturn the Sue Bradford-sponsored bill, leader John Key said..." Let's stop there to give you a moment to decide how he might have answered. Yes? No? Sadly, anyone answering in either of those two ways is going to lose this bet, and any similar bet. The Herald reports that John Boy's answer was that
the party was considering its options, though there may be limiting factors. But if a process under way to force a referendum was successful, it was something "National would take very seriously."
Spineless is just one world you could use to describe that position that you have when you don't have a position. For more humour at the expense of the spineless one, watch (if you haven't seen it before) John Key being made to look like a fool by Jacqui Brown. His inveterate dissembling is revealing.

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  1. I thought the Brooke Fraser response was interesting. He was asked who his favourite band is, but he gave an answer to a different question ("What is the answer that will most connect with my target audience?"). Given his inability to identify a single album, was almost certainly untrue that he is a fan of Brooke Fraser.

    In other words, what we heard was just spin. I have no faith his responses on anything more substantive will have any more substance.

    The reporter got it exactly right when, as she moved to talk to someone else, said its time to cut through the rhetoric.

  2. The future is in front of New Zealand and we want to back it.

    My God, you can actually feel your brain rotting as you listen to it. You have to turn it off in self-defence.

  3. However, as someone on my blog rightly said, they can sleepwalk to victory (they think) because people are so fed up with Clark.

    For all that is wrong with Clark, she has more guts than Key, and while those on the left may think she has sold out - she has succeeded to put a major stamp on NZ government that the Nats wont overtturn.

    The National Party is naturally a conservative party, it instinctively does nothing radical.

    Clark gets passionate and angry and lashes out, and it can be despicable - but at least she gets passionate. WHat does John Key get passionate about?


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