Wednesday, 11 April 2007

New Zealand, or Fiji?

Is this New Zealand? Or perhaps Fiji? Notes the Herald's Audrey Young this morning on the Clark Government's plans for democracy rationing:
Labour wants to allow police to raid political party offices to gather evidence of breaches of its planned election spending laws.
As Lucyna says, "You can almost hear the jack-boots already."

The Herald's own editorial draws a lesson for the Clark Government that it "has not learned very much from its public lashing last year over election spending." Highly ironic then that a raid on Heather Simpson's office just days before the last election would have revealed her own run around the election spending laws on behalf of the Clark Government.

Where, oh where, are the left liberals who still truly value democracy?

LINKS: Police could raid political offices in election spending plan - Audrey Young, Herald
Pass the hat, and reject the handout - Herald editorial

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  1. Where are the left liberals who still value democracy?

    Firmly under the thumb of their tyrant-in-chief who has demonstrated several times in her tenure that she does not respect free speech and worse, that she would actively work to diminish it.

    It also shows why the term 'left liberal' is now, literally, an oxymoron.

  2. Oh, here's the part of the linked story that really made me laugh:

    If the Government's plans for a tougher enforcement of the Electoral Act become law, police are more likely to prosecute than they did at the last election. They then refused to lay charges over any of the 16 complaints referred to them.

    Oh, please... anyone who isn't an utter, wretched partisan hack would admit the Police had a sound prima facae to prosecute both National and Labour over their little (alleged) rorts. When you had a senior investigator opining that the integrity of our electoral law was a 'distraction' from 'real crime', I'd rather the Keystone Kops have less power not more. Or at the very least, give the electoral agencies who do give a shit some teeth to protect the integrity of our electoral process.


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