Thursday, 5 April 2007

"Fuck you."

See, I said it in the title above, and you still read on for more. You're not offended, are you. We all say it sometime, or we do if we're human -- and that's the biggest shock here really, that Smarmy Maharey has actually got some balls. That he's a human and not just a recycled glove puppet. Who knew?! Little Steve Maharey throws a genuine "Fuck you" across the Parliamentary chamber and we're all in hysterics, really, because anything genuine in that place is as rare as finding an honest man in politics.

So the faux outrage across the blogosphere at a rare and genuine piece of invective just leaves me cold, I'm afraid. So Little Steve Mahary said "Fuck you" in Parliament. So fucking what. More honesty like that -- in fact any honesty at all -- would make that place a much better one.

That he said it in response to questions about him abusing his position as Minister of Broadcasting by pressuring a Radio New Zealand host to retract a comment, now that is much more interesting. But I'll wager not one person exhibiting faux outrage at a very human gesture would be willing to back a sale of Radio New Zealand, so that no minister will be able to apply in future the pressure on the State Broadcaster that Little Steve tried to exert in order to have a broadcaster's comment withdrawn.

Any takers on that? No? Or are we just going down the same road as John Key's similarly faux outrage at the anti-smacking Bill, which he followed up if you recall by refusing to confirm that he'd repeal the damn thing if he ever came near the levers of power.

At least when Little Steve says "Fuck you" he means it. What has John Key ever said that he would stand behind?

NB: If you want to see the raw feed of this rare moment of Parliamentary honesty, tune in here, and flick through all the garbage to about 49 minutes in. Try not to stifle a yawn.

UPDATE: Vigesimal Pundit has an easier link to Little Steve blowing off steam, and Whale Oil has the whole remixed dance version thing going on.


Blogger Richard said...

We all say it sometime, or we do if we're human

Well, my mum doesn't and neither does Lindsay Mitchell.

Do they say it in countries like Botswana?

5 Apr 2007, 01:09:00  
Blogger AngloAmerican said...

“What if everybody did it?”

5 Apr 2007, 05:38:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you say it at work?

I think not, and neither would most people.

5 Apr 2007, 12:07:00  
Blogger Matt B said...

When is National going to say something useful? Honestly, getting all indignant only indicates an attempt to out-PC Labour.

Wouldn't it be great if Brownlee had stood up and said, "Finally, some fucking honesty," then immediately withdraw it, apologise, and walk out.

I'd actually consider voting for National based on that.

5 Apr 2007, 12:14:00  
Blogger Eric Olthwaite said...

"Would you say it at work?"

Yes, and since I work from home I can say it at work naked.

5 Apr 2007, 12:56:00  
Blogger MikeE said...

As I blogged:

Am I the only one who doesn't give a fuck what a fucking minister said in fucking parliament when it comes to fucking saying "fuck you". Seriously, its just a fucking word. I'm more fucking appalled at our fucking tax laws, our fucking drug laws, and half the fucking legislation we have at the fucking moment.

And everyone's out there pretending to be fucking offended when a fucking MP says fucking fuck you.

Why don't you all get offended for the right fucking reasons rather than two fucking words.


5 Apr 2007, 15:17:00  
Blogger AngloAmerican said...

Seriously, its just a fucking word.

Hmmm it may technically be a word but would you use it at a job interview or talking to your mother? Why not? It's just a word?
Or how about if you applied for a job and they phoned you to say you didn't get it and you replied with a "fuck you!" That would certainly confirm that you were an unsuitable candidate.

Using profanities is coarse, childish, uncouth, discourteous, rude and crude but hardly heroic.

6 Apr 2007, 06:44:00  
Anonymous Luke H said...

MikeE: Fuck yes.

6 Apr 2007, 15:49:00  
Blogger MikeE said...

Anglo: no where did I claim it was heroic.

I merely suggested via some creative language, that if you are going to get upset at the guy, get upset at the real things to be annoyed at versus two words.

Words are harmless. Actions/regulation/govt interventionism is not. Get upset over this, protest this.. not his immature and innapropriate comment.

6 Apr 2007, 17:02:00  
Blogger AngloAmerican said...

.. not his immature and innapropriate comment.

Now that I agree with. It seemed a bit stupid too, like unnecessarily revealing a weak spot for all the others to jab a dagger in. Didn’t Kerry use the F word once too? Can’t remember it turning out too well. Politicians are paid for cutting or witty remarks – any old fool can say fuck.

6 Apr 2007, 20:21:00  
Blogger Lucyna said...

I've certainly never said it.

6 Apr 2007, 20:28:00  

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