Friday, 6 April 2007

Celebrating a regular Easter ritual

Every year at Easter we celebrate sacrifice with time-honoured rituals that go to the heart of who we are as a society. This year will be no exception.

Yes, this very Easter -- just like every Easter past in this pathetic authoritarian backwater -- bureaucrats will be out in force once again showing who's boss: arresting, harrassing and charging shop-owners who have the temerity to open their own shops on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Tourists will be able to say that they arrived in New Zealand, but the country was closed. And those of us who live here will be able to look forward to court hearings later in the year at which people will be sentenced, fined and pilloried for the act of minding their own business.

A pity that our politicians and bureaucrats can't learn how to.


  1. Well said PC - care to shape it into a press release? :-)

  2. So while you were out relaxing on the Tairei sipping "liquid hot cross buns" and making witty conversation was your liberty really reduced unbearably by not being able to purchase a daphnia from the garden shop or another DVD from the Warehouse?

  3. PC wouldn't be allowed to buy a sold hot cross bun on Good Friday. Why shouldn't people buy things at times that others want to sell them?

  4. Are you kidding Greg? Rebutting your previous statement would come under the category of "reasoning with the unreasonable".


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