Thursday, 12 April 2007

Al Bore infects opera!

Oh crikey ... Al Bore is now infecting opera, and my beloved Wagner to boot! Ed Hudgins has the dastardly news.

UPDATE: A challenge has been offered, a gauntlet thrown down, and a petition has been started. As reported here previously, Christopher Monckton (whom Free Radical and Not PC readers will recognise) has challenged Lord Bore of Nashville to a debate, and a petition (below) has now been started to bring the Bore to the table.

Add your signature now!
To: Al Gore

Mr. Gore,

Numerous scientists claim that the global warming experienced in the 20th century has nothing to do with man-made carbon dioxide, as you claim. Their arguments are compelling, and a debate would allow you to address these issues and prove that your arguments are based on science, rather than politics.

On March 14, 2007 Lord Monckton of Brenchley challenged you to debate your position on global warming, but your refusal only strengthens their position. We urge you to debate Lord Monckton of Brenchley, or otherwise admit that the causal link between man and global warming is spurious.

The Undersigned


  1. I still hate the idea of a debate. If skeptics have a point, and I think they do, then can't this point be made through the usual channels?

    And if the usual channels don't want to know about this, then start a new one, be it a blog, a journal, podcasts, a weekly radio program, whatever.

    It seems to me debate is a medium that is particularly unsuitable for so technical a discussion.

  2. Any more unsuitable than a fraudulent, Oscar-winning slideshow?

  3. Spot the unlovely parallel.

    Al Gore ignoring the chance to defend his AGW stance and Helen Clark changing the law at the eleventh hour to avoid the lawsuit that would have provided the opportunity to defend herself against alleged election mis-expenditure.

    The allegation that she, for months, took great pains to deny and ridicule.

  4. "Any more unsuitable than a fraudulent, Oscar-winning slideshow?"

    Actually that's a good point. No more unsuitable at all. Documentaries can tell any story the documentary maker wants it to. It is amazing what can be accomplished with editing and narrative. You really do have to put your faith in the integrity of the documentary maker, to fairly select the mountain of information that can't make it into the available 90 minutes.

  5. Gores little documentary falls into the same category as anything Michael Moore has produced.


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