Thursday, 22 March 2007

A testing meeting for Bush

Kiwi Herald has the lowdown on the Clark-Bush meeting:
KIWI HERALD: Bush Panics Under PM's Stare
President George W. Bush this morning achieved an 'Achieved' in NCEA Level One Geography during a tough oral examination under the steely gaze of Prime Minister Helen Clark who acted as supervisor. A clearly panicked President (see picture above) appeared to be thrown by the withering stare of the New Zealand PM but managed to remember a number of places on the international map.
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  1. SO the NCEA credit was awarded in "having a conversation with a very, very, very good friend?"

  2. Nah, more likely a shared desire for bigger-than-big govt.

  3. That is one funny photo!
    Now Bush sees first hand the Terror we face!
    I must hand it to Clark!
    That is politics!

  4. Hell, now George is going to think NZ is situated next to the old East germany!

  5. President Bush gasps after Prime Minister Clark has just knee-ed him in his wedding tackle.

  6. Ah, you poor Kiwis. She looks evil.



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