Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Sydney storm

Sydney: When it's hot, it's damned hot. When it rains it buckets down and whole suburbs flood. And when the lightning comes, all hell breaks loose. Auckland has drizzle and "slightly cloudy" -- Sydney has real man's weather.

I pinched this from Callum's fantastic set of Sydney under lightning pics. You can just hear the crack of the ozone, can't you.


  1. I lived in Singapore for two years, being in a storm was like being mortared.

    It came in volleys, you never knew where it was going to hit next and your first warning was everyone else diving for cover.

    They were very efficient and clearing up all the exploded trees afterwards though.

    More splinters than the gun deck for the Victory when they take hit.

  2. I am into storms big time and belong to a NZ WX Forum, where I have tagged along during some fairdinkum storm chases.

    Its been a total blast....I have pictures of hail stones the size of 10 cent pieces to prove it.


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