Thursday, 29 March 2007

Normal is as normal does; it's criminalisation that harms them

Inconsistent she may be -- yesterday she wanted Nanny to nationalise children, today she wants Nanny to butt out of people's personal pharmaceutical choices -- but on this today Pamziewamzie is perfectly right:
It comes as no surprise to me that "normal people" with no criminal record get into the drug scene. If BZP stayed legal we would have the time and resources to develop it into a safer, more user friendly substance. (Without the ghastly come down) This could discourage people off methamphetamine and dodgy tinnie houses in Otara.

Just an idea...
And a very good one. Horror has been expressed at "professional" people using recreational drugs -- how dare they! -- and hysterical "remedies"have been mooted that range from publishing all their names and sending them to their employers, and throwing the book at them and locking them and throwing the key away.

All of these solutions are intended to demonise these normal people, but all those proposing these solutions seem to have overlooked that these normal professionals are holding down proper professional jobs for which, apparently, their recreational drug use is currently causing their employers no concerns. The harm of drug use for these professionals is not their use of these drugs, but the criminalisation of the use of these drugs, and Pam is quite right to say that more legalisation is more likely to lead to more safety than thirty-five years of the opposite approach has done.

Just an idea...

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  1. Inconsistent? Consistency is my middle name ;)

  2. Inconsistent? Consistency is my middle name ;)"

    Yes ....consistently inconsistent. ;-)


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