Monday, 5 March 2007

The next 'Free Radical' magazine: Out soon!

I've been working hard on putting the finishing touches to the next Free Radical magazine, out very shortly.

It's going to be packed with reasoned argument, searing analysis, leaked billboards -- and the same wholesale slaughter of sacred cows you've come to expect and enjoy here at Not PC, only moreso! You do not want to miss out.

To ensure you get this latest Free Radical in your letter box in good time, you'll need to subscribe (or renew your subscription) at the SOLO store NOW! Click here to subscribe, to renew, or to get up to date with an online back issue.

The Free Radical: Politics, Economics and Life as if Freedom Mattered.
In your mail box shortly...

[PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: No Pink Tories were harmed in the making of this magazine. Not physically, anyway.]