Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Gore-stradamus on the Hill

Former Senator Albert Gore talking to the Senate Environment Committee last week got the Daily Show's John Stewart laughing through his nose.

Watch 'Welcome Back, Hotter' at 'The Daily Show' site and see the Goremonger explain to Congress that babies aren't flame retardant -- and watch the start of Stewart's new one-man show, 'Al Gore has Gained Weight.'


  1. Hmmm. Haven't yet watched the link, but I saw Jon Stewart lauding the IPCC's findings last month as 'proving Gore right' on his show while in Sydney. He was emphatic. "Global Warming is a major threat and action must be taken!", etc.

    Jon Stewart's a talent, but to my mind only politically incorrect when it's politically expedient!

    Like many Democrat entertainers.

    Gee I miss Bill Hicks.

  2. Yeah, but isn't it good that it's rapidly becoming expedient to make fun of 'The Goracle.'

  3. I don't quite getthis obsession with Gore -- he's far from the only monkey in the show. What about the investment bankers - THEY are the real power brokers - not Gore.

    Here's a howler from Farrar for example: "But the target of a global integrated carbon trading system is good"

    Maybe the trading aspect appeals to those who think the market can do no wrong.

    If you think GW is a problem you don't go and open trading rooms and start trading carbon credits. The whole thing is corrupt bullshit.


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