Wednesday, 28 March 2007

"Global Warming is not a Crisis" - debate now online

** The great global warming debate -- which I blogged last week -- now has the audio up. Click here to hear either the full ninety-minute debate or a fifty-minute edit, or even just clips of each speaker.

Just to remind you, this was a high-profile New York debate arguing the motion "Global Warming is Not a Crisis" Arguing for the motion, that global warming is not a crisis, were author Michael Crichton, British biogeographer Philip Stott (left), and MIT climate scientist Richard Lindzen. Ranged against them were warmist scientists Brenda Ekwurzel and Richard C.J. Somerville, and Gavin Schmidt (right) -- who some commentators suggested almost lost the debate single-handedly.

Listen in here. It's bloody good 'radio.'

** And if you'd like something a little shorter, then tune into this ten-minute interview with climate skeptic Richard Lindzen. He really is a wonderfully lucid speaker. [Hat tip, Cafe Hayek]

** And for related entertainment, have a look at this report of a classroom of Year Six students who put humans on trial for global warming, asking a jury of students to decide guilty or not guilty. You might be surprised at the result.

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  1. Yes, it was Bloody Good Radio... but please, please, be more accurate in your facts. On this post you show an uncharacteristic degree of sloppy thinking which is not usual for you.

    The debate was not "arguing the motion "Is Global Warming a Crisis?"" That is a question and debates never 'argue motions', they debate either 'for' or 'against' clearly worded propositions (otherwise you can't logically have a 'for' and 'against' side).

    The actual proposition debated was "Global Warming Is Not a Crisis."

    Jeez. Yours is one of the most erudite clear thinking blogs I read. Has New Zealand intellect come to the sorry pass that we can't now cogently express the proposition of a debate?

    I suppose this is in part due to the dumbing down and word-mangling effects of the general media where insults, knee-jerk reacting, crass point scoring and outright propaganda are classified as 'debate'.

  2. Oops. Yes, you're right. My bad. :-/

  3. Dave Mann, are you related to the Hockey-Stick guy, Prof. Michael Mann?

  4. Wicket, nope... not me. I'm more of a baseball bat kinda guy than a hockey stick wallah.

    PC, sorry for being so pedantic :-)


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