Wednesday, 14 March 2007

FREE RADICAL 74: The Environmental Noose is Tightening!

We often joke that each new Free Radical magazine is the best one yet. This latest issue really is the best one yet. Issue 74 of The Free Rad tackles all the popular delusions that threaten life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and gives you the ammunition to defend yourself against the purveyors of misery who promote them.

In this Free Radical, find out about:
  • The tightening environmental noose, and how, in their push to punish emitters, the high priests of the state religion of environmentalism are well on their way to criminalising productive activity altogether.
  • Global warming -- does the latest UN report mean "the panic is officially over"? Find out inside.
  • What's the inside word on Richard Dawkins and 'The God Delusion,' why has the delusion lasted so long and why does it infect morality so -- and what does the God delusion and its wall-to-wall sackcloth and ashes have to do with the environmental delusion of doom and gloom?
  • What makes talkback king Leighton Smith tick? And he seems so sensible, so why isn't he a libertarian?
  • The man who took a knife to a gun fight, and why the police want to crucify the man who didn’t.
All this and more, much more, including more leaked billboards, news of ethnic fundamentalism in New Zealand, more bans on free speech, the case for a new scientific enlightenment, why Sweden works (or appears to) ... and some welcome signs of victory over Nanny State. All this and more in the Free Radical magazine -- 74 blows for freedom and still going strong.

This is compulsory reading for everyone who swears off compulsion. Enlightening reading for everyone who values Enlightenment culture. Good reading for everyone who likes a good read. The Free Radical -- "a magazine of rare courage and intellect," says George Reisman.

Buy your copy now -- or a year's subscription to make certain you never miss a copy again -- and you can share his enjoyment.


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UPDATE: In response to several emailed questions: Yes, you can buy the Free Radical from most of the better newsagents who carry it, and order it from those who don't.

Those I know who do carry it include Borders and Whitcoulls in Auckland's Queen St and many Whitcoulls and Paper Plus branches, many Magazino branches, and at good old Magnetix in Lambton Quay. I'll see if I can get a complete list for you and post it later this 'arvo.

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