Friday, 23 March 2007

Beer O'Clock: Emerson's Bourbon Porter

Beer news and more this week from a SOBA Stu:

My second son was born this week. Everyone's healthy and happy. Young Ted weighed in at a pretty hefty 9lbs 3oz (4.22kg for those young enough to not understand what that means). A year ago, almost to the day, his brother arrived at an almost as weighty 9lbs 1oz. Nestled in between these two weight's is a number insignificant to most but perfect for celebration this evening - 9.2, the alcohol by volume of Emerson's Bourbon Porter.

I know Neil has discussed the Emerson's Bourbon Porter before, but it's a beer worth double the recommendation, and it's what I'll be toasting my two boys with tonight.

At my last tasting it poured a very dark brown, almost black, with garnet hues. It threw off a heady concoction of vanilla, wood, roasted malt and warming alcohol notes. Surprisingly light and delicate in the mouth, with spicy and lightly nutty notes through the middle, it had a brief hint of sourness before a long, yet quite mild, tannic finish gave away the fact that the beer was aged in the barrel for nine months. (Just the perfect amount for everything from beer to babies.) Another light flourish of sweet bourbon on the palate satisfied in the long periods between sips.

If you think "I don't like beer", but you are a fan of either big red wines, bourbon or whisky, then this is definitely one to try.

The Bourbon Porter would accompany most hearty savoury dishes and any chocolate based deserts quite sublimely. However tonight, for me, it will be joined by a rich and fruity Dominican Republic cigar - a little celebration, a little reflection, and probably more than a little trepidation before the gathering storm.

I've got a whole box of Bourbon Porter in the cellar and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it's changed in the last nine months. I'm not sure how widely available last year's batch still is but another vintage should be coming out midway through this year. Keep an eye out for that and anything else in the world class Emerson's range - they're becoming more widely available every week.

Here's tae us.

Slainte mhath, Stu

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  1. Congratulations with your son pc!

  2. No, no, that's Stu's son. This is his beer post.

    I'm sure he's far too tired to thank anyone, So I'll gladly accept your thanks on his behalf. :-)

  3. Oops...

    But pc, overpopulation isn't killing us, isn't it time for one? :-)

  4. I missed out on this one last time, and I'm hoping Regional will hook me up if the new release is available in Wellington... I actually thought it was a oncer? I wasn't sure that they could brew another batch in the same casks for the same effect (the old whiskey company ones) - anyhoo glad to be proved wrong.

    Off to the bottler with me, then.


  5. Thanks Berend. Thanks PC, for accepting the thanks. I'm not tired yet. Both boys are sound asleep - uilding up their energy reserves to have a go at maing me tired.

    DentMT - the same casks were partially refilled with Bourbon... and then partially emptied before the London Porter was poured in.

    Keep your fingers crossed that the brewing team think it's good enough to release. They make a lot of beer that never gets out to the general public. The sort of money most breweries spend on shamless advertising, Emerson's spend on developing different beers. At BrewNZ last year I tried an 8.5% dark wheat beer and a darkish lager of similar strength - neither ever saw the fluoro lights of a supermarket shelf...

  6. On ya Stu. Kids give me the heebies, but awesome for you and Fritha. I wasn't a fan of the bourbon porter, but might give it another try.

  7. unable to buy the bourbon porter at liquorland newmarket so tried the pilsener which was most excellent

  8. Congrats on both boys, Stu! 9-2 and 9-3? Good Lord! Future props!

  9. Thanks Sus. I'll be encouraging round ball games in our backyard. More likely a central defender and a goalkeeper, I reckon.


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