Tuesday, 13 February 2007


A potentially far more important question than what Helen Clark is proposing in her Speech to the Throne this afternoon -- tax and tax, spend and spend; more spin, more 'sustainability' and less carbon seem to be the predictable order of the afternoon -- is what to do about Valentine's Day tomorrow.

Idle Vice's Mrs Smith has the answer for blokes.
"For at least the first Valentine's Day with someone, you have to front up with goods. If you don't, you look like a cheap, clueless bastard... It doesn’t have to be flowers, but if you don't give her something that will make her friends eyes pop out with envy, the relationship will be over within a fortnight.
Thoughts may at this moment run wild.

If it's not the first, however, then Mrs Smith says don't bother, "as the occasion is an American vulgarism that really should not be encouraged." And if you haven't already ordered the flowers, you're stuffed anyway, she says. In which case then, there's always beer.

Any advice for the ladies? Or from?

UPDATE 1: I love MikeE's comment below:
Personally I like Clark's suggestion of carbon neutral govt.
I'm assuming we achieve that by shutting the government down.
UPDATE 2: Cactus Kate has V-Day advice for, well, all of us. I won't be taking mine.


  1. So, you forgot to order the flowers then Peter...

  2. Personally I like Clarks suggestion of carbon neutral govt.

    I'm assuming we achieve that by shutting the government down.

  3. "So, you forgot to order the flowers then Peter..."


  4. Flowers, chocolates, trinkets or sex on Valentines Day, has to be the worst insult you could throw at your partner.

    However if these are for Helen Clark, that is perfectly acceptable.

    Get the flowers Peter, just for Helen. Perhaps a sinister hue of nightshade, strung up together in a delightful bouquet with white onion weeds, (the ones that make you wet your pants when you sniff them.)

    Helen might find them as a handy diversion when dealing Philip his cards tomorrow.


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