Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Rugby, soccer, and AFL.

Two stories this morning on three sports.

First, soccer. David Beckham is to star in some movie or other: Doubts are raised over his acting ability; Helen Mirren says he might make a silent movie actor, and Beckham tells a television interviewer he has no doubts about his acting ability since he has to "act on the field."

That pretty says all you need to know about soccer, doesn't it. Acting wins. Just ask Italy -- a Hollywood won them the Soccer World Cup.

Now to rugby, and today's Herald headline: .
Rugby: Game is poor entertainment says departing Wallaby coach
Departing Wallabies kicking coach Ben Perkins has unleashed a withering broadside on rugby.
Perkins, who quit his post on Sunday... said rugby was poor entertainment... A part-time kicking coach for AFL side Port Adelaide, Perkins worked with Wallabies goalkickers Stirling Mortlock, Matt Giteau and John Eales among others over a decade.

"If you go to training, like I have in rugby for the last 10 years, it is a struggle because there's such a lack of creativity there," he said.

"It's so bent on, 'oh, it's scrum time, it's lineout time, it's defence time, it's rucks and mauls time', whereas if you go to Australian Rules training ... it's exciting, there's so much activity and there's balls and running everywhere. For me, it's a much better game."
He's right you know. Maybe when Perkins moves to Queenstown to "ski and play golf" the NZAFL could offer him a job as Development Officer?

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