Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Libertarianz - Fighting for your right to party!

There have been five cracking Libertarianz press releases in recent days that intelligent Not PC readers will want to catch up with:
  • Lib Nik Haden is face-to-face with the Grey Ones in court this afternoon, being prosecuted for burning his Census papers. Nik Haden: Census Prosecutions Morally Wrong.
    It is a shocking indictment on the state of our society that political protesters who have harmed nothing and nobody can be hauled before the court in this manner," Mr Haden said.
  • "David Benson-Pope's trumpeting of low unemployment rates is ill-conceived tripe," says Peter Osborne in Stick a Tennis Ball in it David.

  • "The fundamental fallacies of state-run saving and investment schemes have become apparent with the fight over the merits of the Cullen Fund's investment in 'unethical' corporations," explains Greg Balle in Labour's Profound Monetary Ignorance.

  • And leader Bernard Darnton sagely observes that, not for the first time, Labour is Confused Over Doing the Right Thing.
And of course today Richard Goode has launched a petition to save party pills. Read about it here at Scoop: Libertarianz launches Party Pill petition

The Party Pill petition can be downloaded from the Libertarianz website: Please give it your support.

Libertarianz - Fighting for your right to party!

UPDATE 1, CENSUS: Nik Haden talked to Larry Williams on Newstalk ZB this afternoon about his appearance in court today for burning his census form. It's a great interview. Audio here courtesy of Newstalk ZB. [MP3 Audio]

UPDATE 2, PARTY PILLS PETITION: From Libz leader Bernard Darnton:
Please everyone, go the Libz website, download a copy of the petition and, at the very minimum, sign it and send it back. Better still, get plenty of other people to sign it. This is a live issue that urgently needs your support.

To get get maximum impact, please print off a bunch of copies and take them round to your local party pill shops and ask them to keep a few copies on the counter for their customers to sign. If we can get this petition into the places where BZP users buy their pills we can get far more signatures.

Another good way to gather signatures would be to take the petition out on a Friday or Saturday night to places where party pills are sold and ask for signatures directly. The more the better. Here's a real live opportunity to stand up against the busybodies and strike a blow for freedom.
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  1. PC said...
    Lib Nik Haden is face-to-face with the Grey Ones in court this afternoon, being prosecuted for burning his Census papers.

    I disagree with the Libz here. Census data is vital for social development programs. Why do we widen existing roads or keep building new ones? Why do we need to build a school here or there? Or how about putting a super-market here or there? Or why would a libz is going to put a petrol station in the middle of nowhere that no vehicle would turn up to refill? Not because the angels had informed us or we had some premonitions about the need to do those things but because we do have prior knowledge of what to do, based on collected data as census. Just bloody fill-in the form and mail it back to the Stats Dept, which is not a big deal.

  2. Currently promoting the libz petition on my site, also on all the dance music related sites, and hopefully can talk ACT on campus into it as well.

  3. Falafulu Fisi, New World decides to place supermarkets based on voluntary market research. This information isn't exactly a huge secret. Why does the census need to be compulsory? Asking people nicely (and - gasp - even giving them monetary compensation for their time) seems to work pretty well for - well, for every non-governmental organisation in New Zealand.

    I can hang up on a market researcher, but if I can't be bothered telling the government how many toilets are in my house, I get charged with a crime.

  4. If the medical profession prescribed a drug with as little formal research into its effects and side effects as is known about BZP, they would be crucified.

    I'm not against people having the right to do to themselves whatever they want, but I ,in the strongest terms possible, object to this promotion of "party pills" or even "herbal highs". They are dangerous drugs and cause permanent neurological changes.

    Apply the same standards to all drugs, medical or otherwise.

    And further, why should I have to pay the costs of treating all these idiots who voluntarily take these drugs, just as why should I pay for smokers' self induced diseases?

  5. "And further, why should I have to pay the costs of treating all these idiots who voluntarily take these drugs, just as why should I pay for smokers' self induced diseases?"

    You shouldn't.have to pay for their treatment at all.

    But I'm sure that you'll agree that on the standard of rights being violated that users being treated as criminals and getting locked up is much worse than the tax money used to pay ofr any medical treatment (which is fuck all if any).

  6. Also have stuck a web based non binding version at Petition online for those without access to printers.

    Please make sure though that if you do sign the web one that you make the effort to print and distribute the paper version, as the web version is more PR as opposed to a binding paper one:

  7. I don't need party pills to party. So perhaps you can remove the reference to "me" in the "your"?

    Or perhaps it's time for the obligatory:

    - first they came for the smokers, and you didn't object.

    - next they came for the party pills, and you still didn't say a thing.

    - and then they came for you, but there was no one around anymore to say a thing.

  8. PC, audience request: if/when there's more info on the SNZ case, please do an update.

  9. Ah….the sweet, smell of perfume! Today's market is flooded with hundreds and hundreds of different fragrances

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  10. FF:

    Some quick points.

    Yes, social development programs - like the one the Nazi's had in mind during the 1939 German census? Oh, that's right, the NZ government is not like the Nazi's, we can trust the NZ government. It's not like they're going to use census data to justify taking more money off us, or "target" spending.

    If Shell want to place a petrol station in the middle of nowhere, why should I give a fig? You think that businesses really can't get by without government help to gather data? Funny, then, that there are developed countries (e.g., modern Germany) that manage to get by without compulsory censuses.

    Ever noticed the rounding randomisation on census data? Why would they do this? Could it be that unscrupulous individuals may be able to infer more about you from census data than perhaps you would think? Do you trust the rounding algorithms and the logic behind them?

    Care to comment on census error? How many people lie? Do not fill in their census forms? Misunderstand the question? etc. How reliable, really, is census data compared to data gathered with voluntary consent?

    The form may not be big deal; the big deal is the gun held at your head by government to coerce you into filling in the stupid form. Nik Haden has done nothing wrong, but could lose his freedom.

  11. Berand: while *you* don't need them. Do you believe that thousands of people who consume them, on a weekly basis without any negative effects bar a hangover should be treated as a criminal?

    Because thats the end result of a ban. Most people that I know who use party pills use them in lieu of an illicit substance, and while a ban will result in others turning to booze to fuel their nights out (and result in more aggro etc) others will turn to other forms of stimulation, such as MDMA, speed, G etc. All of which are presently illegal and put them in touch with "criminals", gangs etc.

    Should someone be charged with a crime simply for what they consume?

  12. "without any negative effects bar a hangover"

    Mikee can you guarantee this? In fact do you know anything about neurophysiology?

    "who use party pills use them in lieu of an illicit substance, and while a ban will result in others turning to booze to fuel their nights out (and result in more aggro etc) others will turn to other forms of stimulation, such as MDMA, speed, G etc. All of which are presently illegal and put them in touch with "criminals", gangs etc."

    This is a B/S argument. It is sending a message to these idiots that it is OK to take these drugs.
    If you want freedom, then lets take away control of all ingested,inhaled or otherwise absorbed chemical compounds. So cocaine is now OK, so is P, heroin, ketamine, etc. Lets not have control over antihypertensives, antibiotics and neurotropic agents. There is control over surgical apparatus that could cause tremendous harm - lets make that available to all and sundry. Or do you draw a line somewhere?
    Subject these party pills to the same scrutiny as all other medication. Insist on the same trials as to determine dosage, side effects, long term adverse effects; insist on the same manufacturing standards and quality control and allow a panel of the same doctors, pharmocologists and pharmacists determine the safety and availability as is done for other medication. Then if safe allow appropriate distribution and access.
    This won't happen because some chinless wonderboy is making big money - and not for your benefit, but his. He doesn't care a stuff what it is doing to his clients and, hey, it's safe 'cause it called a party pill.

  13. mikee, no party pills while I'm still paying an enormous amount of tax on the whole welfare system. Just ban everything IMO. Or stop this welfare state.

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  15. For anyone reading that odd post, above, and wondering what trub is... it's the protein and hop crap at the bottom of the barrel (with the "yeast cake") after fermentation is complete. It's pronounced "troob". And no, I'm not masquerading as a homebrew salesman (pantomime donkey only, at this stage).

  16. Beer is not worth wasting your time on to brew at home.I distill my own spirits and save millions in tax.Anyone wanting to trade for said spirits let me know...;-)

    Oh and fuck off Helen and Michael...its none of your business.

  17. there's only one spirit I'm all that ken on, and I'd rather pay the person who aged it 15 years than do that myself.

  18. "Mikee can you guarantee this? In fact do you know anything about neurophysiology? "

    No and No - you can't ever garuntee a substance (any substance) is safe, because everyone reacts differently. But that is no reason to treat users as criminals.

    As a side note, BZP has been used recreational in New Zealand with no ill effects bar hangovers.

    All cases where there has been injury/death another substance was added into the mix, usually illegal already - showing the regulation didn't stop it anyway.

    And yes - I believe that all drugs should be legal. I see absolutely no reason why someone should be treated as a criminal for what they put into their own body.


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