Friday, 16 February 2007

Is Nanny State uncool?

Has Nanny State become uncool? Lindsay Perigo spotted former MP Mark Peck on Mark Sainsbury's show the other night bemoaning the fact that "he doesn’t expect the push from his Smokefree Coalition for a tobacco tax hike to be successful," poor dear. The chief reason for his pessimism, he says,
is the “Nanny State” argument, which he said is “huge” and was the cause of Finance Minister Michael Cullen calling the proposal “political suicide.”
Get that? The “Nanny State” argument, and this is according to a whiny, lemon-sucking life-hating, professional puritan of the genre, is “huge.” Huge!

Does this mean we're winning? Has the soft fascism of Nanny State really become "uncool"? has it? How about we celebrate anyway with some Nanny ridicule, courtesy of the readers of B3TA.Com [hat tip Jameson]?

LINK: Nanny State is uncool - Lindsay Perigo, SOLO

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