Friday, 16 February 2007

I'm going to school tomorrow.

It's true. I'm going to school tomorrow: Montessori School.

It's now one-hundred years since Dr Maria Montessori (left) established her first school, a Casa dei Bambini, in the slums of Rome, and from there it spread right around the world. The Montessori Centenary website celebrates the achievement.

Right around the world this year the centenary of that happy event is being celebrated. New Zealand Montessori schools around the country celebrate tomorrow by opening their doors -- why not join them?

You can find what your local Montessori school is doing, along with more information about Montessori education, at the Montessori Association (NZ) press release on the centenary events.

As for me, I'll be in Torbay joining in at the Titoki Montessori School celebration. Why not join me?

LINKS: National open day as Montessori celebrates - Montessori Association of New Zealand, Scoop
100 years of Montessori - Montessori Association of New Zealand
Centenary of the Montessori movement - Association Montessori Internationale

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  1. PC said...
    Why not join me?

    Is there alcohol serve at this celebration event or are you allowed to take a beer tray there?

    I wouldn't mind taking a doz along if it is allowed.

  2. I strongly suspect a wee glass of 'wheet ween' mighg be all you could expect, if that.

    Maybe later?

  3. You obviously didn't come past our chilly bin at the right time, Peter!

  4. Damn. I felt sure there had to be more than just iced water in there.

    Great to cath up anyway. :-0


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