Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Great moments in the political exploitation of children, 2

RADIO NEW ZEALAND: The mother of an Auckland schoolgirl attending Waitangi celebrations as a guest of the National Party denies her daughter is being used for political purposes...

Yeah right.

That's twelve-year-old Aroha Ireland from McGehan Close, above left. On the right is a politician. That's her below not being used for a political purpose.
: In related news, the Kiwi Herald reports that after seeing John Boy's success, Madonna is to adopt a Kiwi child.


  1. Peter you are such a cynic!

    Drop your IQ a hundred points and think like the public for a second.

    These are people who continually vote for Peters, Dunne and Clark.

    The standard to grip them is not that high.

  2. Key didn't even have the decency to wear a suit. No need to show any respect to the underclass, huh?

  3. No he wore a $100 Made from New Zealand tiki t-shirt to support a local campaign.

    He bought 12 of them himself.

    Mallard bought hundreds, but with taxpayers money.

    Haven't you heard no one cool wears a suit anymore?

  4. Robert Winefield7 Feb 2007, 03:35:00

    Is it just me or is there something creepy, almost something Chester the Molester like, in that picture of Key in a tea-shirt with a shit-eating grin and his hand on a 12 year old girl...



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