Wednesday, 28 February 2007

De Post

I had a great time last evening meeting up in a MT Eden Belgian bar with some effervescent Auckland SOLOists and readers of this blog, some of whom I haven't seen for far too long, and many of whom I haven't met before except on line.

Good beer, good food and excellent company and conversation --you can't beat it --and most enjoyable meeting up with friends both old and new. Salut!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why wasn't I invited?

28 Feb 2007, 13:33:00  
Blogger MikeE said...

I'd suggest posting as anonymous might have something to do with that.

28 Feb 2007, 13:54:00  
Blogger PC said...

It might have. Then again, it might not. :-)

Fact is, I was only the spear career there, not the leading man. This was a friend's going away do, and I was delighted to find that many of his invited friends were either SOLOists or blog readers or both.

28 Feb 2007, 14:01:00  
Anonymous Jonathan Coster said...

Hey Peter, very good to meet you there. Those large glasses of Hoegaarden made work a little slow the next day though it was well worth it :) Salut!

1 Mar 2007, 16:29:00  
Blogger Rebel Radius said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, especially the company.

Top Night!

2 Mar 2007, 15:10:00  

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