Thursday, 8 February 2007

The buzzword for this year is sustainability

NZ HERALD: Helen Clark will kick off the parliamentary year next Tuesday with the opening speech. She said it would outline the programme for the year based on the theme of sustainability.
See. Told you.

LINK: Clark regathers Labour's reins - NZ Herald
The buzzword for this morning is sustainability - Not PC (October, 2006)

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  1. Richard McGrath8 Feb 2007, 13:57:00

    Sustainability in indeed a major issue. We have the right to sustain our lives through voluntary interaction, protection of property rights and equality under the law. Methinks that's not quite what Comrade Helen has in mind though!

  2. We can't sustain a the Borg collective AKA the Liarbour apparatus...

  3. Sustainability of being in government?

    None of us are sustainable, in the long run we're all dead as Keynes once said.


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