Monday, 15 January 2007

Touch not these unhot lips

This is what's known as a strong argument for drinking to excess:

Public Service ads. Scaring the public into behaving otherwise since 1925.

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  1. Glad I'm straight.

    Even She Who Must Not Be Named might change her spots faced with that lot.

  2. Sus, Glad I'm straight AND like a drink. Double indemnity.

  3. I'm with Lindsay. Looking at those ladies, I can think of no better argument for whisky.

    Off topic entirely, I've been wondering where to post the below link to some very interesting Ayn Rand interviews on YouTube. The first time I've seen her in 'person'. The link is to the 1959 Mike Wallace interview, but if you look to the 'related' space at the right, there are other Rand interviews also, including with Donahue, which looks much more reason. Anyway, the link is:

  4. Nuts. That last post has a type. 'Recent', not 'reason'.

  5. Oh God.

    'type' = typo.

    It's those damned ladies. Put me off my stride entirely.

  6. Here's a 2.5 million pound public service ad.


  7. underpants - thats all


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