Monday, 15 January 2007

Russel's State of Sanctimony speech

The Greens's Russel Norman has issued his state of the planet speech -- sorry, that's his State of the Planet Speech: Russel (with one 'l') of course has delusions of adequacy -- in which according to Stuff he gets sanctimonious about global warming, and according to David Farrar he unsurprisingly ranks his own party as the one with the best policies to counter said warming. That this is considered newsworthy is hopefully a sign we're still in the silly season, not that our media are utterly unable to think critically.

You can read Stuff's summary of Russel's warmism if you must, if you really want to hear all the nonsense he's found fit to recycle, but Zen Tiger's republication of Russel's original speech notes is far more entertaining.

LINK: Russel Norman: The war on climate change - Zen Tiger, Sir Humphrey's
Shock horror - a political party ranks itself highest - Kiwiblog (David Farrar)

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  1. Thank you for the link. I was surprised to read Russel's final edition of the speech, which had changed a little from the original I procured.

    He blames Bush for a lot more things in the final, and spends more time on evil Amerikka's thirst for oil.

    And he managed to get in a few extra references to the potential destruction of our planet. The 25 billion Hiroshimas exploding was a stroke of genius.

  2. I was listening to the radio yesterday to someone officially saying that National has now “acknowledged human induced global warming”. It sounded like they had been subjected to some sort of inquisition and the price for not being burned at the stake was acknowledgement of human induced global warming. Someday everyone will be forced to acknowledge human induced global warming. You’ll have to wear it on your chest like a chairman Mao badge.

  3. Correct, Anglo. Like the sad little collectivists they are, nobody wants to be left behind.

    Collectivist thought is hard to beat with regard to my worst fears.


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