Tuesday, 23 January 2007

National Socialists have no values

National's newly reinstated spokesman for Ugly Women's Affairs Jacky Blue says she's pleased John Boy Key is trying to outflank Labour on the left -- in her words, I think [National] does need to be more centrist. I think John has already taken away all ambiguity that there was with the previous leadership and I think that's a good thing" --- and at the same time she says, "I know we will be staying true to our National values and core beliefs."

There appears to be a contradiction right there, doesn't there; one that Jacky Blue is perhaps too naive to notice, but Lindsay Mitchell has spotted it: Included in National's core principles are such things as "Individual freedom and choice, personal responsibility, competitive enterprise and rewards for achievement, limited government..."
Reinstating a spokesperson role pushing for more resources for a particular group is the antithesis of limiting government. That is exactly how governments get so big. So already National is not "staying true" to their values...
As Lindsay asks, "What exactly does National mean by 'limited government'?" Answer: Nothing at all.

When Jenny Shipley was Prime Minister she declared the Ministry of Ugly Women's Affairs would be abolished "over her dead body." It's a shame we missed our chance back then for such a magnificent two-for-one deal. We could have done to Jenny what she and her party have done to the ideas of individual freedom and choice, personal responsibility and limited government.

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  1. PC said...
    [...Women's Affairs...]

    I wouldn't be surprised if National gets into government in the next election, they will establish a "Men's Affairs Department", and may be John Key will invite such good men as Hager & Wishart to run it.

  2. Jackie Blue has perhaps forgotten why people voted National in 2005 - in which case the control freak should join Labour where she will find plenty who are like minded.

    Unfortunately her genitalia makes her special to Neville Chamberlain-Key-English.


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