Thursday, 25 January 2007

The Australian political quiz

Everyone seems to like a quiz. The quiz du jour around the blogosphere is the Australian political quiz that claims to determines both where you sit on the political spectrum, and which Australisn political parties you are closest to.

You can do the quiz yourself here.

You can see my own results below, but once again these results suggest to me the imbecility of the one-dimensional left-right political spectrum. "Centre-right," "far-right," "centre-left." These very results, plotted for three different variables on a left-right axis, show that for anything substantive the left-right axis is insufficient to describe a complex political position. On the other hand, if you plot a chart with one axis representing Economic Freedom and the other Political Freedom and measure a person's position on the resulting two-dimensional chart, a much more accurate result is obtained. (See left, for example.)

Anyway, on to my own results for this quiz. My party preference (according to the quiz) is:
Liberal 73%, National Party 61%, Labour Party/One Nation 59%, Democrats 53%, and Greens 39%.

And for the three 'left-right' variables:
  • on 'political outlook' my "broad political orientation score is 25.2%, which equates to a ‘Centre Right’ position";
  • on 'economic outlook' my "economic policy score score is 83.2%. This equates to a ‘Far Right’ position";
  • on 'social policy' my "social policy score is 68.8%. This equates to a ‘Right’ position"; and
  • on 'traditional values' my "traditional values score is -67%. This equates to a ‘Left’ position."
Make of that what you will. To me it shows once again that a one-dimensional political spectrum is too simplistic to be any use whatsoever.

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  1. But this one isn't one dimensional! I'm surprised you are only -67% on the traditional values scale.

  2. DenMT's fantastic scores:

    Greens 95.8% (unsurprisingly I am a Green voter) to the low of 16.9% for 'One Nation' (interesting that NZ has no true analogue for this party - something to be thankful for).

    Your broad political orientation score is -70.7%, which equates to a ‘Left’ position.

    Your economic policy score score is -43.4%. This equates to a ‘Left’ position.

    Your social policy score is -67.4%. This equates to a ‘Left’ position.

    Your traditional values score is -97.1%. This equates to a ‘Far Left’ position.

    So, in other words, no surprises... Kinda jarring to have the term 'far-left' crop in association with any of my views, but it's only the 'traditional values' score.



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