Wednesday, 20 December 2006

A smoking hot cash crop

Speaking of the sticks and carrots of outrageous governments, and how those slings and arrows actually affect activity in the real world, did you notice recent news on the most valuable cash crop in the US?

Not soybeans, which attract generous growing subsidies.

Not corn, which attracts generous growing subsidies.

And not carrots either.

Answer: cannabis. As a cash crop cannabis earns as much as the other two major players put together, despite all the many sticks aimed at growers. (I'm sure we all have our suspicions, too, about the part it plays in some of NZ's regional economies.)

It just goes to how how well government incentives work, eh -- and just what happens when you ban something?

LINKS: America's cannabis crops hit all-time earnings high - NZ Herald

Victimless Crimes, Economics, Politics-US

1 comment:

  1. Talking about govt incentives.

    Watch as the price of BZP skyrockets.. either that or other substances go up in price/demand?


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