Saturday, 16 December 2006

A present

Here's a family photo. Nice, huh?

Don't say I never give you presents.


  1. Cool - So, you, the wife, MIL, three kids and your brother.

    Am I close?

    Nice, PC. I always enjoy "meeting" bloggers via photos.

  2. Oh bugger I looked to quickly. Brother and SIL and THEIR two kids, yeah?

  3. Shut up Mark - PC doesn't like anyone who likes me and won't reply to you - you heretic.

  4. Mark, the bold guy is PC's brother in law and not his brother.

  5. Mark, the "bold" guy is indeed my BIL.

    So you were close, but no Christmas cigar for you.

    Ruth: Presumptuous as always.

  6. Yo'all come back now u'hear! *Hyuck hyuck*


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