Saturday, 2 December 2006

John-Boy Key: "I'm like the Inland Revenue"

The Herald's Michelle Hewitson extracted this from John-Boy Key this morning:
"I'm like the Inland Revenue," said John-Boy. "Firm but fair."
What a fuckwit.

UPDATE: Perhaps someone working in Rodney Hide's office could send the slimey, limp-dick fuckwit a copy of Rodney's book, 'The Power to Destroy' so he can see for himself how "firm but fair" his chosen alter ego really is.

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  1. "I'm like the Inland Revenue"

    You mean a shit-eating, cancerous parasite theat all despise?

    Not the cleverest pick of outfits to compare oneself with...

  2. What a line. I'm gonna use that on my kids!

  3. I think Key is going to drag National back into the dark ages again. What a loser? In one week he has undone all Brash's positive work.

    Why are people going to vote for another centrist government when they already have one?

    Brash nearly won the last election because people could see a marked difference between Labour and National. The marked difference being the one law for all and a reversal of political correctness.

    Now this idiot comes along and says things like:

    "I think political correctness is a sideshow."

    "We should celebrate other cultures and what they bring to New Zealand."

    Does this mean he celebrates the burqa and Islamic oppression of women?

    It looks like the pc eradicator is out, too!

    It doesn't look promising, does it?

    I emailed him a two page letter and cc'd it to all National MPs this morning stating my concerns, and I strongly suggest others do, too.

    In my opinion, the next election is not going to be won on economic issues, it is going to be won on cultural values; New Zealanders have had enough of the nanny state that fosters victims.

  4. ..and get Gman to sign it for him.

  5. Totally agree with Tezza.

    Key has a doppleganger looks and spinwise:


    Time for some creative minds to get a brand new political party in place asap.

  6. Tezza hit the nail on the head. Key is no more than a slimy little opportunist who has removed the one real chance we had to get rid of the socialists by turning National into the same animal.
    There's no real workable alternative on the horizon, so I'll be promoting a voters boycott of the next "elections".
    To participate in a Tweedledum Vs Tweedledee contest is pointless, just the illusion of a democratic system.
    I have too much self-respect to be conned into voting for simply a different brand of shit.

  7. I've been disappointed with ACT and now Key's a twat - i'm gonna vote Libertarian - take that!

  8. It's so quick, so disappointing and well, disgusting.

    National socialists indeed.

  9. Tried the line on my kids...

    Kids: annoying daddy greatly.

    Dad: remember, I'm like the IRD: firm but fair.

    Kids: what's the IRD daddy?

    Dad: that's the government department that takes most of daddies money.

    Kids: why do you want to be like thieves daddy?

    I suppose I've indoctrinated them too much...

  10. "Kids: why do you want to be like thieves daddy?"

    Your kids are smarter than the entire National Party caucus.

  11. Your kids are smarter than the entire National Party caucus.



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