Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Carrots and sticks

"A mixture of carrots and sticks." That was how Aunty Helen described the method whereby her Government intends to take us into the promised land of "carbon neutrality" (All Hail the Great God Gore!).

The first step on their yellow brick road of "sustainability" is to encourage land-owners to plant new trees by the time-honoured method of hitting around the head with a stick those who've already planted trees, making anyone with even half-a-mind to do so utterly disinclined to invest in new planting.

So what about those carrots, eh?

Just another lesson from the file full of stories about how when you make governments big enough to give you everything you want, they're also big enough to take it all away again -- and quite inclined to want to do so.

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  1. Take a look at the classic picture of the carrot and the stick. You'll notice that the donkey gets hit with the stick a lot but never quite manages to reach the carrot.

    The PM could not have chosen a more apt analogy.

  2. Well, there is an afforestation grant for new forests. As for existing ones, the forests already exist, so the only thing to incentivise is the deforestation aspect.

  3. Prediction:The price of firewood is going to get cheaper and cheaper.



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