Wednesday, 15 November 2006

The Waka Stadium

Another high-powered candidate for the 2001 Rugby World Cup Stadium has emerged: The Waka Stadium. "The most famous stadium in the world..."

LINK: Waka Stadium

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  1. Waka Stadium? Stupidity Stadium more like! It'll cost well over a billion dollars now! It'll be famous alright... famous for being unfit for its purpose

  2. I have done my own post in my blog about this and stated my own opinions on this issue.

  3. Hey ... I agree with you guys about squandering money on a big box on the waterfront.

    But since Trevor Mallard is going to build this Stadium anyway, (and he is) my contention is that we should build something that will put New Zealand on the map.

    The first (outrageous, am I joking?) Waka Stadium design that I did was to get attention.

    The REAL design is now also revealed at

    A good time to be had by all!


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